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Rob is the creative soul of Soak Creative. He breathes life into even the smallest ideas, channelling 20+ years of multi-disciplinary design and branding experience into engaging, brand-defining solutions.

Emphasising visual communication and brand development, every project is treated to fresh thinking and a strategic, client-specific approach. Traditional, modern or experimental, Rob has developed design focused executions for a range of clients, from local startups and SME’s, boutique ad digital agencies, to national icons and international powerhouses.

In a post-LinkedIn climate, everybody claims to be an all-rounder. At Soak, we believe we have one of the best. Rob’s work has been recognised in numerous design journals and online collections. Will your project be next?

What I Do.

I enjoy partnering with clients to create unique business solutions. I believe that creativity is the key to unlocking ideas and delivering results for you and your business. I specialise in:


Your brand tells a story. It’s who you are. It’s what you represent. It tells your customers what to feel when they think of you.

I work with you to define what you want people to associate with your brand and create your story, position and brand identity through creative design. I then determine how your new brand will flow across all your brand’s touch points.


A strong online presence that engages your audience and encourages the customer journey resulting in the sale of your products or services is vital to your business.

Together I work with our wide range of experts to deliver connected experiences, spanning multiple technologies, platforms, and media to create a positive business outcome. I aim to hit all your brand points, engage your customers and help you sell through a pixel perfect experience that pushes your brand to the world.


Today’s campaigns need to have more elements than ever before. From advertising campaigns to digital and mobile activations, we’re focused on creating compelling and effective ideas that work together to create positive change.

Let’s put it this way, the world’s best website is worthless if nobody experiences it! Through the of use digital marketing and advertising tactics, I aim to drive awareness of and interest in, your brand, products or services.

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